Natural Horsemanship  (CLINIC FORMAT "A")

Created for the Eventer/Competitor who wants to improve their relationship with their horse, and increase lightness, awareness and communication for performance. Here's a look at what you'll learn:


  • Understand how to motivate your horse. What makes him tick? What makes him want to be your partner?


  • Connect with your horse more thoroughly on the ground (online) and have him yield agreeably to pressure.                       
  • Develop a deeper level of respect, control, and communication. 


  • Apply your groundwork skills to the saddle.
  • Teach your horse to have his own responsibilities and to develop a play drive.
  • Become more attuned to your posture, aids and movement while riding.

Eventing (CLINIC FORMAT "B") 

Created for the rider who wants to begin Eventing training for performance or for pleasure. Here's a look at what you'll learn:


  • Dive deeper into finesse online and identify any missing links in your training.


  • Move towards contact and connection while keeping it positive by following the German Training Scale.
  • Apply your finesse skill to the competition ring.

Stadium Jumping

  • Find balance and rhythm, learn how to walk a course, and find distances. Learn appropriate exercises for development.

Cross Country

  • Learn correct positions for riding cross country and focus on safety, confidence and partnership.

Eventing Naturally Clinic Series

Contact us about our Clinic Series

At Eventing Naturally we offer two formats for our clinic series, which is designed to enhance the connection, communication, and competition with your horse. Each format integrates the psychology of Natural Horsemanship with Eventing techniques, and each clinic is designed to adapt to needs of each horse and rider.

Clinics can last 2 to 3 days, and include a day of private, semi-private, or group sessions. Lectures may also be included and are be tailored to the needs of each group. Good examples of lecture content are talks on horse and human personality for Eventers, and lessons in walking a course and Eventing rules for Natural Horsemanship clinic attendees.


​"You and your horse will never be disappointed when you participate in a Michelle Donlick clinic. She has a unique teaching style, utilizing both classical and natural training methods. Her clinics teach you how to read your horse and bring him or her into an ideal learning frame of mind. You'll learn strategies and tactics to play with and ride your horse based on his or her unique personality as well as on your own. You'll learn how to be a better leader for your horse and as a result, you'll develop a true partnership with your horse. Michelle is equally skilled in training you and your horse for the trail or the competition ring in a variety of disciplines. She can help you on your journey with your horse and develop that partnership you both desire."

- Anna