13 Year Old 15.3HH Registered Thoroughbred Mare


Jazzy is a very flashy mare. She is lovely on the flat - walk, trot, 
canter with smooth, steady, rhythmic gaits that are easy to sit. She is very responsive to the aids using your weight, seat, hands and legs nicely.

Being a forward kind of ride, Jazzy does not need much leg aid and enjoys a soft, quiet rider (she actually feels more forwards than she looks). She is NOT a spooky horse. Our students have enjoyed riding Jazzy! We think she would make an excellent dressage prospect as she is so flashy. Jazzy does know how to jump but probably has little actual  training in it, hence why we have focused mostly on flatwork and trails.

Jazzy gets along with other horses yet tends to be near the top of the pack in a herd as a good, fair leader. She has no vices or bad habits and is a very sweet girl who enjoys being taken care of. She loads and ties and is good for the farrier.

She has a good foundation of all the seven games and can easily do L1/2 online. She goes well in a halter and is doing L2 tasks/patterns in freestyle. Her finesse is coming along - fluid rein helps her stretch and relax so that she can stay soft in the contact.