Students of every course will get access to their own Learning Naturally Facebook group. This is a great place to share pictures, talk about successes and struggles you've experienced with the lessons plan, mingle with like-minded Eventers, get support from others and support them on their journey too. While the Facebook group is primarily for student discussion, Michelle does check in and occasionally adds to the conversation!

Facebook Group

Our Virtual Lessons are a cornerstone of the Learning Naturally course. It's an opportunity for you to have video of your progress during each monthly lesson personally reviewed and commented upon by Michelle. Virtual Lessons give you access to a great trainer wherever you are. To learn more about Virtual Lessons, visit our Virtual Lessons page.

Do you want to compete in Eventing, but feel you need some more structure, support, and feedback? Are you looking for a trainer that emphasizes the integration of psychology, positive reinforcement, and natural horsemanship principles into your riding? The Learning Naturally program can help!

Phone Access

What is Learning Naturally?

Levels of enrollment

At the highest level of course membership, we offer private phone consultations with Michelle. Just had a terrible ride and don't know what to do? It's a great time to call and get immediate feedback. The next time you tack up, you'll be more knowledgable and prepared to lead your horse through a great ride.

Every week, Michelle hosts an online video group chat where students can ask questions, get answers, and learn from other students. Students at the Canter and Gallop levels can participate in the chats, and the video replays are made available to the Walk and Trot levels of course membership.

Students at the Canter and Gallop levels will have Gift Certificates for free introductory Virtual Lessons given to them to share with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Learning Naturally

Virtual Lessons

Michelle is currently accepting enrollment for a 3-month Learning Naturally Course.  Please contact us for starting dates and more information!

Group Video Chats

Every month, every student at every level of membership will be given a thorough 4-week lesson plan written by Michelle. Each lesson addresses key ares of Dressage, Eventing, or Stadium Jumping and aims to improve your horsemanship, riding, and Eventing preparedness and skill. Halfway through each month, you'll receive a follow up to the lesson plan which will address the common issues students are experiencing while working with their horses, and how to address them successfully.

Gift Certificates

Learning Naturally is a virtual course offered in 3 month intervals, much like a semester in college. There are 4 levels of enrollment per course, offering a range of services and support structures. Class sizes are kept small enough to ensure you will get the one on one attention you and your horse deserve. 

What Does the Course Include?

Contact us with any questions about the Learning Naturally Course.

Monthly Lessons