"I believe there are 3 essential Cornerstones of performance: communication, connection, and competition."

- michelle donlick

Michelle Donlick has been an active and successful competitor in Eventing for more than 30 years. As a youth, Michelle qualified for the Young Riders in Canada. She has since competed in both Long Format Events as well as Horse Trials up to the Preliminary Level. She and her  horses have qualified and competed each year at The American Eventing Championships since it began.

Michelle continues to perfect her skills with self guided study and by riding with like minded mentors such as Karen O'Connor, Eric Horgan, Doug Payne and Boyd Martin among others, taking what she learns from these great horsemen to each student she teaches.

"I am passionate about improving my students success with horses. I believe in creating a great foundation with your horse to be the best team you can be. You CAN achieve success with your competition and partnership goals!

I am excited to share my experience with my students to help them become better horse people.This journey will be one of the most enlightening, revealing and memorable experiences you could imagine!" - Michelle Donlick

In 1998 after attending her first Natural Horsemanship Clinic in Canada, Michelle realized that she didn't know what she had been missing! Becoming more aware of horse psychology on the ground and in the saddle was an integral part of developing a more positive and actively connected relationship with her horses.

Bridging the gap between the two disciplines became the key to Michelle competing happily with motivated and trusting horses.She started Eventing Naturally to share the experience of connection, communication and competition with an equine partner.

Michelle studies horsemanship and the finesse of performance with Linda Parelli, Karen Rohlf and other great mentors in the horsemanship world.